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Executive Summary
There is no greater relief for stakeholders than having the systems in integrated fashion with fairness and transparency. Transaction time and transaction costs are major concerns of the organizations who want to outwit their competitors. This two can be reduced if the duplication and redundancy in the communication in the business processes is reduced. The system which will help organizations achieve this ought to have the facility to have integrated business processes accommodated and supported. Research shows that wasted communication is major area of wastage for organizations, especially in service industry. Communications includes communications involved in business processes. How do we streamline, manage and control business processes decides how effective and efficient organization is likely to be. ERP helps in seamless integration of business processes thereby becomes system for integrated business communication with minimal wastages.
Business Benefits

Improved visibility: This enables organizations to run their enterprise in accordance with their strategy, while empowering them to make quick decisions to pursue opportunities. 
Reduced operating costs: One of the most immediate benefits from implementing an ERP is reduced operating costs: such as lower inventory control costs, lower production costs and lower marketing costs. By avoiding duplication of information but not reinventing the wheel for common business processes, an ERP provides opportunities for cost reduction and value-added tasks, leading to increased margins.
Standardized business processes:  Process consistency allows a consolidated view of the business across the distributed enterprise, enabling organizations to drive continuous improvements, as operations are streamlined and there is healthy synergy between departments and functions. The improvement also comes from transparency and reduction in human errors due to automation of inter-company transactions.

Improved compliance: With ERP, organizations can enforce compliance related to different regulations such as SOX or industry specific initiatives..
Internal Team Benefits
Better communication and track of details among different teams / departments
End Customer Benefits
Reduced duplication and redundancy of communication
Available Solutions
Open ERP
Open Taps
Why QLogy
QLogy has proven business acumen in Implementing ERP solutions thorough knowledge of enterprise architecture, besides in-depth technical expertise which will help organizations to realize their business outcomes.
Addressing Pressing Issues
An ERP implementation, if done right, can build the foundation for future
Various issues such as one above can be addressed using Pentaho Solution
Pressing Issues
growth, and translate into improved productivity, cost savings, and a much better bottom line. Also it shall enable organization in refining their business processes to continue on their path towards process excellence.
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