Business Process Re-Engineering

Executive Summary

Business Process Reengineering (BPR) can be defined as the redesigning of the business processes in order to achieve remarkable improvements in critical measures of performance like cost, service, quality, and speed. An organization where application of BPR is being done is process oriented where all processes are identified and given specific names. Each individual is aware of the particular process in which they are involved and complete process measurement such as monitoring and control is performed.

Business Benefits

  • Growth of business: Implementation of BPR results in the growth of the present business thus enabling the emergence of new businesses within the same organization.
  • Reduces cost: With the proper management of processes, improved efficiency and quick delivery of products to the buyers, the overall product costs are reduced resulting in cost saving for the organization in the long run.
  • Reduced time to market product
  • Improvement in organizational approach: According to the traditional approach of managing an organization there is no flexibility or adaptability to change. The management formulated strict rules for employees of the organization. Whereas now, when most organizations have implemented business process reengineering there is an increase in flexibility and adaptability for change

Internal Team Benefits

  • Increase Effectiveness: As all employees are aware of the processes to which they belong, they have a greater sense of responsibility. Proper management and control of all business processes reduces the time lag between different processes, which otherwise is quite high causing delays.
  • Meaningful job for employees: As the time lag of product processing between different departments gets reduced due to the application of business process reengineering, there are more meaningful tasks to be performed by employees. This leads to increase their levels of motivation and the desire to perform well.

End Customer Benefits

  • Quicker response times to customers
  • Delivering high quality to customers

Why QLogy

QLogy has team of experts who have good knowledge of business process reengineering and driving assignments where motive is to reduce costs, enhance efficiency and productivity, and minimize errors and risk

Addressing Pressing Issues


Organisations face various pressing issues as below:


  • Miscommunications occur frequently and important information is not passed to the relevant parties to follow up.
  • Some staff are working long hours but output does not seem to match the effort.
  • Sometimes there is need to perform overtime and to rush works that increase the cost of sale.
  • Works are not followed up and sometimes, materials were not purchased/ sourced on time and collection of payment not done promptly.
  • It takes long time to know the progress of the work when the customers ask.
  • Do not know for sure the cost and profitability of works done.
  • Not very sure of who is responsible for what task.These challenges can be addressed by Business Process Reengineering

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